A minecraft creative/survival server
Minecraft 1.7.10 / 1.8


Welcome to villermen.com, a minecraft creative/survival server.
This site serves as a helpdesk, with all info and news you could need for the server.
If you haven't joined in-game yet there won't be much to do here.
Connect to the server by just typing villermen.com in the server address bar, plain and simple =)

By default you won't be able to build, to obtain build rights please join through the site and you will be promoted automatically.

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Latest news

1.8 hack - posted 25 days ago
You will be able to join and play on the server with Minecraft version 1.8 now. New blocks and items cannot be used however, and will vanish or turn to stone whenever you obtain them.
Update on server mods and the 1.8 update - posted 25 days ago
Some guy at the CraftBukkit team (Wesley Wolfe) has issued a DMCA takedown request on CraftBukkit and mods derived from them (that includes Spigot, the mod we currently use). He is a programmer for CraftBukkit and has claimed that something he wrote was his (which is a dickmove) and now CraftBukkit can no longer be downloaded legally without infringing copyright. In a nutshell, this means the problem has to be resolved before we can update the server to support Minecraft 1.8, so it might take a while longer. This is obviously bullshit, but when there's lawsuit happy dicks around this is a thing that happens, and we'll have to just deal with it.