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Welcome to, a modded minecraft creative/survival server.
This site serves as a helpdesk, with all info and news you could need for the server.
If you haven't joined in-game yet there won't be much to do here.
Connect to the server by just typing in the server address bar, plain simple =)

By default you won't be able to build, to obtain build rights please join through the site and you will be promoted automatically.

Vote for

If you like the server please show your support by voting on one of the server-lists this server is registered on.
It will help out a great deal, and will bring you more players to play with =)

Latest news

Event map copied to server - posted 11 days ago
For everyone that missed the event but likes to see what has been build, you can now warp to /warp bc1 and experience the creations for yourself. A video from my perspective will be up soon(-ish) too.
Building contest over - posted 12 days ago
The building contest is now over and the big winners are:
General building:
1st: Revan5159 & chickencrab
2nd: vacguy99 & apexminer_

1st: Revan5159 & chickencrab
2nd: ScottfaceGamer
2nd (2): vacguy99 & apexminer_

It was a great event and I love that so many people actually joined in. (It turned out way better than I imagined is what I'm trying to say). Thanks everyone for coming and cya back in the main server and maybe in the next event(?)
Building contest next saturday - posted 17 days ago
What? An event? I thought they didn't exist anymore. Anyway, there will be a building contest event next Saturday (19-7-2014) at 20:00 GMT+1. There will be a counter at the top of this page as usual so all that timezone nonsense can be ignored.

The theme and setting will be revealed at the start of the event. The object to build is probably going to be a mansion, but be prepared for any changes =). Builders can choose to build with a partner or go solo, and get one hour to build their best work. All works will be copied over to creative2 after the event to not waste any genius. As usual the event will be held at