A minecraft creative/survival server
Minecraft 1.7.10
Currently online:


Welcome to villermen.com, a modded minecraft creative/survival server.
This site serves as a helpdesk, with all info and news you could need for the server.
If you haven't joined in-game yet there won't be much to do here.
Connect to the server by just typing villermen.com in the server address bar, plain and simple =)

By default you won't be able to build, to obtain build rights please join through the site and you will be promoted automatically.

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If you like the server please show your support by voting on one of the server-lists this server is registered on.
It will help out a great deal, and will bring you more players to play with =)

Latest news

New banner - posted 1 day ago
The site now has a new banner, hope you like it. If there's anything you think could be done to improve it don't refrain from telling me.
New fonts for the site - posted 3 days ago
I changed up the fonts on the site to prevent copyright infringement claims (I wasn't really allowed to use Snap ITC for publishing). The site looks a bit glitchy, but I'll be reworking large parts of the design soon enough anyway. Hope it doesn't bother you guys too much.