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Minecraft 1.8


Welcome to villermen.com, a minecraft creative/survival server. This site serves as a helpdesk, with all info, news and discussion you could need for the server. If you haven't joined in-game yet there won't be much to do here. Connect to the server by just typing villermen.com in the server address bar, plain and simple =)

By default you won't be able to build, to obtain build rights please sign up on this site and you will be promoted automatically.

Latest news

Villermen, 24 days ago
There will be a UHC (Ultra HardCore) event next saturday 19:00 local server time.

The regular objective in UHC is to kill the ender dragon in extreme conditions (no health regen except from golden apples or potions, hardcore mode). Since that might take ages we're going for a simpler approach, where you will be allowed to fight others after 30 minutes. There will be no teams, and the last man standing wins the event.

If you don't like to deal with timezones for the event, there is a timer on top of the homepage that counts down to the event.

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